Can Glideapps persist the state for public users when in "public sign-in" mode?

Is it possible with either directly with glide or with spreadsheet magic for a Glideapp to save the state for an anonymous user (i.e. when the app is set to sign-in: Public).

I imagine there is some cookie somewhere in the glideapp server side that identifies unique users. Would it be possible to ‘save that token’ somehow on the sheet so that the app can later filter on it (save settings, remember favorites, visitor counters, etc)

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What state do you want to save?

The state of something that the unregistered user selected or did… that way when they go to the glideapp again they find it the way that they left it.

Like a particular screen they were on before leaving the app?

more like their favorites, forms that were filled out, images uploaded, etc…

I don’t think you can do things like comments or favorites anonymously. They are tied to an email address, so they require the user to sign in to use those functions. Even on a public app. As for forms or images, there is nothing stopping you from allowing a user to submit those things anonymously, unless you are using Per User Data to view them and Email special values saved to the sheet. Then the user would still need to sign in I think. What you want would require some sort of device ID special value, which isn’t available at this time.

Some of this came up as a suggestion in the following thread: