New features in Glide

Has anybody spotted this on Glide.

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It seems it is to delete user’s specific information across the app.


Nice find!

It would be bonus if a signed in user can initiate this @david


@SantiagoPerez that’s super powerful and very useful, thanks for sharing :blush:

I have a use case already - I tell users if they don’t use or access the app for 30 consecutive days then their account will be deleted.

Need to keep app nice and tidy, compliant and not utilise rows unnecessarily

Also if a user requires their details removed from the app then this will help


Does it delete any rows associated to that email account across all sheets?

It seems like it.

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I was wondering how this would work if I have a column with multiple emails in the Sheet, does it delete that as well?

Let’s say, in a single field.

Interesting nevertheless, thanks for posting!

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I did not test that. I may try and see.

Edit: @ThinhDinh,

You have to delete the user’s profile row first, then the system deletes everything else even if there are part of an array which leads me to believe the same would happen with any other value.


Sorry. Bit late to this one. Are we saying that the functionality is to delete the User Profile row and then remove the email address from any email field that it’s present in across all remaining sheets?

You have to manually remove the row in your user profile tab. Then, type the email in the placeholder and Glide will delete everything else specific to it.


My only worry was this would delete records that can be shared by many user emails, e.g the method we used with arrayformulas that allow multiple row owners of the same row.


@ThinhDinh agree, you would definitely need to be aware of the consequences on the app and it functions before you go ahead a delete a user.


So it deletes ROWS where the email exists or just COLUMNS with the email in? If the former then one would definitely need to be very careful!

This doesn’t delete any rows in your sheet or tables. It removes additional info stored by Glide. You need to delete the user’s rows from your tables.


Ok. So anything we see in the Google Sheet or GDE remains 100% intact? The “housekeeping” relates to info that you are holding internally somewhere?


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Well, we delete the contents of user-specific columns for that user. You would see those cells go empty when previewing as those users.