Delete multiple users data

Hello! Does anyone know if it is possible to delete the data of several users at the same time? I know that by entering the user’s e-mail where it says “Delete user data” it can be done, but is there a way to delete multiple user’s data at the same time?

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If you’re using this feature then I think it’s a no.

If you simply want to delete the user profiles rows of multiple users while not accessing the data editor, you can do this:

  • Add a choice component that allows multiple select to select the rowID of users you want to remove.

  • Add a button to pass the chosen email list to Make/Integromat.

  • Create an iterator to loop through the split array of IDs.

  • Use a HTTP module to delete the corresponding rows using the Glide API (for Glide Tables) or use a combination of Sheet row search + delete row for Google Sheets.

If you delete it through the data editor, you can select multiple rows at once and click delete.



The plan C is create a copy of your APP and work with it. In my tests, all USC values are deleted.

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