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I’m looking for a way to allow each user to delete their account inside my app. Maybe a button on their profile page to make it easy and effortless. Perhaps I’m overthinking. Could anyone point me to any doc, video or steps that speak to this? Thanks.

By account, is it just their one user profile row or would it also include any created content?

Ideally, if the user hit a “delete” button on their profile, it would rid the Profile sheet of their row along with a clean sweep of all content. Sounds like a yank of their cord, but a good start.

If that makes sense. Thanks.

Right now, the only way to do this would be with Integromat or the like…a search, find, delete— but only available if your app is built off of Google Sheets. Once Glide makes their API available, it will be a bit more instant.

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You also have to consider user specific data, which is stored internally within glide (separately from any sheets or tables) and can only be deleted through the builder. With what’s available now, it might be easier for a user to request deletion, and then you perform any data cleanup in the tables and user data deletion.


thank you both.

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@Robert_Petitto or @Jeff_Hager
So, in looking at user deleted info, am I just entering a user’s email and getting rid of their data in one swoop?

That seems pretty clear?


Yes, you just need to enter an email. That option will delete all of the internal data for the user. It will not delete any data in your tables. There’s just too many special cases where someone may or may not want the data in the tables to be deleted. But what we can’t see or control is the internal data, so this option allows us to delete that internal unseen data for specific users.


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