"Delete my profile"

Hi, for Privacy matters, shouldn’t we be able to offer our user a simple-clean option in the User Profile to delete ones profile?
Could be like the Edit :pencil2: for Details screen.

nb: currently using Action “delete row”, but not very clean for our database.


What would this need to do in your database? Should this also delete data belonging to the user? How would Glide know what to delete?

My current work-in-progress draft approach is focused on the User Profile sheet.
The assumption is that if we “delete” the eMail it will therefore make all other data irrelevant (at least in my app).

In the User Profile screen:

1- Button delete (with warning → validation)

2- “Set values” action:

  • unique identifier on the “eMail” column
  • “Deleted user” on name, picture, phone, messengers, address and other possible data that would enable to identify the user.

Without being at all an expert about GDPR, I think that it is something “relatively” simple that could contribute to comply with it.

In europe we really need this feature. +1


Very true, we need to be able to provide all data that we may have from any user at any given point and delete it if requested. Also the user should be able to delete all information if they want…Europe is very very annoying. So happy to be in America now :slight_smile: :slight_smile: no data protection involved

You can already delete user data in your app settings, we did this as part of GDPR. We don’t have a self-serve option for users yet.

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We know. This thread was 1/ just a “feature request”, 2/ of a feature to be used by the end user

Hi David - I’m looking for a way to allow each user to delete their account inside my app. Could you point me to any doc, video or steps that speak to this? Thanks.

Settings->Data->Delete Data


HI there, did you ever resolve this? If not, what workaround did you use?