Deleting records

This seems to have been discussed a lot but I could not find the answer to this. I have an app that keeps adding records. There could be more than 2000 records. It is a seasonal app so that once the season ends I want to delete all the records. The app only uses the Glide sheets (no google sheets). Is there an easy way for me to delete the records in the Glide sheet?

There’s no “mass” way to delete everything at once except unlinking the Glide Sheets, but I assume it’s not the thing you want to do.

You can try showing the data in an inline list and use the “set column” action to clear every column in the row, then click through each item in your data, still, that’s a lot of work.

I guess what I will do is make a copy of the app with an empty table (after I have it debugged) and just make a copy of that one every season. Means changes to app need to be in two spots but hopefully that will not occur too much.

I see there is a way to export data. Do you know if there is an import? Could I export, put the data into a google sheet with same column names, connect the google sheet thereby importing data. Then disconnect the google sheet?

That might also work for erasing rows except keep rows empty in google sheet?

Not sure if that can even be done.

You can delete a row at a time in the glide data editor. It’s a little buggy when trying to delete multiple rows at once, but seems better when deleting a row at a time. You could spend a weekend doing a click…delete…click…delete until it’s cleared. :wink: Maybe they will have those bugs worked out in the future.

There currently isn’t a way to mass import data. I think that feature is coming, but it’s not here yet. I don’t think you could do any sort of connect/export/delete/import method. Glide tables and google sheets are completely separate and can’t be pseudo connected. The export function is exactly that. Just a way to export data for archiving purposes.

The only options I can think of are to switch to a google sheet based table, or hope the functionality is available from glide by the time you need it, or just manually rework the app with a new glide table for each season. Really, you could keep the same glide table, filter everything by season, then slowly delete old season data as you have time.

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The reason I did not want to back it a spreadsheet is over a season we could get between 2000-10000 records. I have no idea what kind of performance issues that would bring.


Got it. Hopefully in the near future Glide will expand our ability to import, export, and make mass updates to glide tables. For now your best bet might be to have a main template app with a clean table that you can make duplicates of each season. I’m not sure how glide tables handle being duplicated…I assume like google sheets, it would be a completely separate table from the original app, so you should be able to duplicate the original each time you need a new version.

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Yes I tried that out today and as long as you say to create a new sheet it makes new ones and you can delete the old app. Hopefully they get to a place where it is possible just to do as little as select all the data in the table and delete that. I was worried about blank lines building up - but somehow they got removed - maybe when I did the copy.

I actually have two apps looking at the same glide tables so I do have to be careful. Not sure how that will work out but renaming seems to identify the tables. Never tried attaching a new table to the second app though. Not sure that will work. I think I may rethink having a second app and just use hiding and showing tabs for its functionality. We will see.