The custom action to delete emails in the profile tab doesn't delete them in G. Sheets

Weird thing I encountered today. The custom action to delete the email column in the profile tab only succeeded in deleting it in the Glide table column but not removing it in the Google sheets column. What’s the explanation for this, since it doesn’t happen with the other columns?

Glide shouldn’t take action to remove it also in the Glide column.
Is there any other way not to manually remove it or deactivate the user?

Does it come back if you manually re-sync the Google Sheets? Might it have a special treatment since it’s the email of the User Profiles table?

Hi, Thinh Dinh. Why are the bots disappearing? :face_with_monocle:

There seems to be a change in special treatment for profile tabs as this didn’t happen half a year ago.
The problem is that there are many relationships that have been built that are connected to other tabs based on an email from Google sheets (array formula). Deleting from the app is the easiest way to filter which users meet the criteria for deletion as well as disconnect from other sheets in Google Sheets (namely students who failed).
Apart from the manual method, is there another way to force it to be done in the application?

Is it inconsistent if emails can be deleted in the Glide table but not in G. Sheets?
Another question is whether the user can still sign in again without admin permission.