Return to screen when we quit/reopen app

I open the app, go through the different tabs, inside a tab click on a list, then on a product (or whatever item of the list), go to another tab, then close the app.
Half an hour later, I reopen the app, and the screen I see is the one I last used. I go to the products tab, it opens on the product I last saw… shouldn’t all the screens “reboot” once I reopen the app and shouldn’t the first screen we see the 1st tab?

Probably depending on the use case.
If closing app really means switching to another app to look for info/pay something/… then I will possibly not be a great idea

Doesn’t this work how any other app works? If I’m switching apps, I expect it to remember where I was unless the app was unloaded from memory. If I force close an app, then I expect it to start over from the first tab.

I edited my post - was messy.
If we’re just jumping from app to app, yes, it’s normal. But if we close the app and open it back, shouldn’t it reboot?

but does your glide app behave like that, @Jeff_Hager? open where it was if switching apps, start over from the 1st tab if force closed? because mine doesn’t.

Mine does. I’m on Android. If I force close the app and reopen it, I get the signing in screen before it opens up to the first tab, so it’s starting fresh for me.

Well it must be an iOS issue
I had apps crash and no way to restart the app correctly because you cannot force a restart.
I see same behavior on iOS 12.3.1