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Hello friends,

Some users tell me that when they interact with the glide app at times it reloads itself and returns them to the beginning. They don’t lose the data, but they do have to retrace the steps to get to the point where they were. Why does this happen? How can I solve it?

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Can you please give me the link so that I can try?

Are you editing the app through the app designer when this happens?

the link:

No. On some occasions it has happened to me too, but I was not giving it the greatest importance.

I’m sorry, but the app is in Spanish :roll_eyes:

Me podrían ayudar?

I don’t think there is any help I provide. I have the same problem sometimes, but it’s not often enough for me to be concerned. Mostly I’ve noticed it happening while I’m making changes to my app.


Thank you very much

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