Glide app window reloads when editing

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Describe the bug: When editing, the browser window reloads at untimely moments. It can be very annoying when writing a custom script, for example … Are you aware of this behaviour ?

Expected Behaviour:
The window should never reload !

How to replicate:
Just staying a while on the glide data editor, maybe with custom scripts ? A lot of data ?

You can create one using


Thanks for reporting this. We also noticed it. We’ve run some fixes - please ping me here (@JackVaughan) if you notice it happen again. Thanks!


I see it, maybe I need to log out/in?

@blairrorani Is this still happening? You can prevent this by doing ⌘⇧R (hard refresh). But it would be good to know how often you’re seeing it and if it’s still happening.

What browser are you using?

@JackVaughan I have this issue CONSTANTLY even as recent as today. In the past week my team and I have noticed the Glide builder page reload roughly 5-6 per hour. We use Chrome


I’ve passed this on Travis and the team is working on it.

for now, have you tried the hard refresh I mentioned above (⌘⇧R)

@JackVaughan yep I have. I’ve also tried multiple computers and different Wi-Fi’s. It’s been happening for quite some time.

M1 Macbook Air
Every 10 minutes on the dot

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My builder is also giving this issue. I am also using Chrome.
It’s happening quite frequently at about 8-10 minute intervals…

Same here. Happening very frequently today.

I know this doesn’t help anything but It’s getting very annoying. Thanks for letting me vent.

The frequent refreshes started about 30 minutes ago (1100a PST) and, as @Jonathon_Kohn pointed out, every 10 minutes - on the dot - 1112, 1122 and 1132 so far. I have a stopwatch open on my desktop to keep track, gonna see if I can catch it in a Loom…

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Thank you everyone for your patience. We are working on this right now.


It is definitely chrome related. And it will happen for a day or two and then be fine for a few days. Something is triggering it. I have also recently had another intermittent issue with chrome not allowing me to click on a download link until I update my version of chrome. I don’t know if they are related but I am suspicious. I’ve disabled all plug-ins to eliminate that as a cause.

Also - I work on a macbook air if that helps.


I just updated my browser (Chrome) because it was out of date… hopefully that helps. It’s frustrating being IN BETWEEN saves when it refreshes :rage:

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Edge browser slill reloading tab every 5 minutes now

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