Glide app refreshing constantly

In the last hour, the chrome tab where I work with the Glide app keeps refreshing from time to time… is it normal ?
It’s a little annoying when you work and suddenly the tab gets refreshed.


I also see these updates in the editor, not the entire page is updated, but only the edited content. Yes, it hinders a lot.

It’s been happening with my app for a few days or maybe a week. Some days it’s only once or twice. Some days it’s real bad. Today it’s happened about 15 times so far in only a couple hours of having the app editor open.

I first noticed it when they updated the editor to move the DATA view to the bottom from the screen components.

Very frustrating/annoying.

+1 here its happening for about 3 hours for me

I think you should categorize this as a bug not a help & how to @Ovi

Well, that’s the reason! They update the editor interface. And it’s wonderful!

One more…