Application refreshing

My users have been complaining that the app is knocking them out, refreshing/restarted on random intervals.

I was working on the app, adding new columns/fields etc… so I stopped and the problem went away, this never happened before, I regularly work on the app while it is being used.

I then switched publishing to manual, thinking this may resolve the issue, but no, the problem still persists.

Any ideas ?

it would be best if you got used to it… Glide does that, very annoying and sometimes you lose some work.

:frowning: I assume this is a new undesirable feature, I am certain it didn’t do this before. Means I have to work on it after midnight, that is when its the quietest. The app is in use 24 hours a day.

it is a random bug… or when Glide is pushing updates… it is happening for a view months now

I would be careful if you are making changes to the tables themselves. Even if you have manual publishing enabled, data changes and changes to the tables will still synchronize to the live app. Only changes to the UI will be protected behind manual publishing.

I don’t know if the table changes are the cause of your issue, but I could see it being a potential cause. I’m sure even new columns are synchronized to the live app, and maybe the app refreshes to check if it needs to use the new columns.

I usually keep automatic publishing turned on and just make my changes live, so I really haven’t paid much attention if I affect the live app or not. I usually try to make changes when it’s not in use anyway. So, I don’t really know if this is a new development or not.


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