Glide client experiencing lag and disruption during build process

Hello! I’ve been facing a persistent issue in the Glide Constructor. Whenever I modify a variable in any table, the open client starts refreshing its pages, which not only disrupts the user experience but often leads to crashes. Additionally, if a user is on a specific page, this issue causes the current page to close. Subsequently, in the task bar, the homepage (which displays the User table) disappears momentarily and then reappears. This entire process involves a lag of about 1 second, but it’s significant enough to severely hinder my building process, as the client becomes unstable and difficult to work with. This problem began a few weeks ago and is increasingly affecting my workflow.

Any thoughts on what can cause these issues? App has a lot of Tables and relations between them, but it wasn’t a problem before.

Do you have auto-publishing disabled?

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App changes will auto-publish.

It’s fine for small changes, but if you’re doing a bunch of work, it’s best to switch to manual publishing.

Check the docs for more info:

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I use manual publishing in my project, that’s why I am asking.

Ah, misread your response. Sorry!

So changes in the data source (tables) are causing your app to refresh, even with manual publishing turned on?

Exactly what I was saying. Still experiencing this issue