Refresh content once the app is on home screen

Hi, I’m doing some tests and I’ve encountered a problem. As I’m new with Glide I wanted to know is it normal or is it just me.

In iOS 15.3, when I add to the home screen an app, the icon does not refresh, I’ve read that several times. But the problem is not that, it is that the content is not refreshed either, and that can be a problem. I see how it does refresh almost instantly when I make changes from light to dark mode, but not the content. (I mean, even the changes that I made yesterday…)

The browser version works fine.


Have you force closed and reopened the app? Data will sync instantly, but design changes usually take affect after force closing the app one or two times.

The app icon is a different story and usually requires an uninstall, clearing the browser cache, and reinstall.

In some cases, design changes will eventually migrate to the app, but it’s not instant like it is with data.

Yes, if I force close the app and reopen it, the content is updated without problems.

But if 200 people have the app installed, I can’t tell them to close and open it every time I add a new tab, for example.

It would lose all sense to make a web app if that was always like that, and I would think better if I made a native one.

This is described here: Updating your app & data - Glide Library

Yes, it says that layout changes usually take about 10 minutes, but at least in my case, there are changes from yesterday that I have yet to see updated. For example, adding a new tab or adding a new text component on a page.

Database changes do update almost instantly.

When I use the browser, at least I have the refresh button (although the user should not have to know when to do it). But in the version that is on the iphone desktop, there are no bars at the top or bottom, there is no way to force the refresh.

Are you using publishing controls? If so, you need to press the publish button so they show on your app.

The autopublish is ON, it says: “Last published 13 minutes ago”. And I have made changes hours ago.

I’ve tested on an Ipad too, with other iOs version, and the problem is the same. Never updates the changes in layout.

@SantiagoPerez I think there is something to this. I’ve noticed the same with my own apps in recent times. Any design changes almost always require a restart/refresh of the app to take effect.

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So it’s not something that should happen, right? Is it in case it just happened to me, or is it something I need to keep in mind in the future. Although it would be a very big disadvantage. Glide is wonderful.

These are just my personal thoughts on this:

I always compare glide apps to native app store apps. I can refuse to update a native app, and it may be days, weeks, or months before I allow a native app to update to the latest version. Hundreds or thousands of users could be using multiple different versions of the same app at the same time. For that reason, I personally don’t expect design changes to take effect immediately for glide apps. I think it could be troublesome if a user is in the middle of something and the design changes, requiring the app to reload. That’s just my opinion.

Now, if it’s not happening within 10 minutes, as glide describes that it should, then maybe there is a different issue. For me, I’m accustomed to restarting the app while actively developing and testing because I don’t want to wait. Once I’m done building an app or making changes, then it’s rare that I will be making additional design changes unless I’m doing maintenance or making improvements. I just allow those changes to propagate to the users whenever it happens. I don’t expect it to be immediate.

That’s just how I personally view it. You can’t force native app users to update their apps, unless you build a mechanism that completely dishes the app until they update. So for that reason, I don’t expect all glide app users to be on the same version of the app immediately after I make a change, but I think within hours or a day is reasonable since there is no formal upgrade process, like you have with native app store apps.

I guess one thing I would ask…when an app doesn’t update for over a day, is that app open the entire time, or is it allowed to go sleep, or move to background memory, and only brought into view occasionally? I think the design (or shell) of the app is cached while the app is running, and only data moves back and forth freely. I don’t know the mechanism that allows design changes to be pushed to all users within 10 minutes while the app is running, but I’m pretty sure that when an app is fully closed and reopened, then it checks and re-caches the design (shell) of the app before downloading the data.

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10 minutes would be great, even 30 or an hour, I wouldn’t mind.

As a developer I don’t mind closing and opening the app as many times as needed, I’m just putting myself in the user’s shoes. And I’m worried that on the iphone I’m still seeing yesterday’s design and on the ipad the one from two days ago still…

I understand that it is not logical to change the design very often once published. But if for example I want to add icon or button in a tab, or even fix some bug. In the native ones you can decide whether to update or not, but it tells you that there are pending updates. Here there is no such thing, they are expected to update themselves in a reasonable amount of time without user intervention. Its a feature! :smiley:

I would not have create this post if I had not seen that in the help it says 10 minutes or so, that made me think that something is wrong.

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A video would be perfect to see what is happening.

Nothing :smiley:

I mean, when I add an app to the home screen of the iphone/ipad, the app only updates by itself when I made changes in the database. Not if I change anything of the layout, for days…

I see the new changes if I force to close the app and reopen.

Ok, I have made a test.

I created a new project, removed everything except a tab with a text field with custom text, a button and another text field that reads from the database.

I have modified all three components, and the only thing that has been updated is the text field that reads from the database.

I created it an hour ago.

12h later and nothing changes in the test app, any solution? I’m the only one?


Could you share the support link for us to take a look?

The test app? Sure:

But it’s nothing special, it happens with any project.

If the user or the OS (because memory management) not kill the app and force to reopen, the layout of the app never refreshes, even days later.

We need the support link in order to be able to see what is happening in the builder.

Sorry, how can I get that link? I’m new in Glide.