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I have a digital menu app ( pro app ) which is not refreshing / update. Everyday I make 3 updates ( title + 2 dishes ) but customers complains because the updates I made, sometimes is not seen after one hour I made it ! Take a look into the screenshots. Screenshot1 is inside glide editor and screenshot2 is my iphone screen. In my case the app updates the dishes, but it won´t update the text title since 7th. August! I contact a customer wich owns an android and he tolds me that is device is displaying yesterdays contents !

My settings are " Reload Sheet - While editing or using the app "

Login is public.

Why is this happening?


How are you making the updates? Are you just updating the data in the sheet each day, or going in and making actual design changes through the editor. Design changes can take longer to update on user devices, compare to data with should update much quicker. If you are making actual design changes through the editor, you should really reconsider making the data that you change dynamic, so you can change it through the sheet, the app, or ideally automatically have it change each day.

My phone shows correctly, but this is also the first time I’m visiting the app, so I don’t have any old layouts cached.

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My experience regarding the subject: For Apps not set to dynamic update (Pro feature), signed in user needs to either refresh (F5 and sometimes Ctrl-F5) if accessed by browser or delete-readd link to home if via moblie, OR, sign out/sign-in.

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@mark i believe this cannot be the intended behavior? A pro app should update quickly in any circumstances - design change or data change. Don’t you agree?

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Agreed. My comment above is In relation to free non-pro app.

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Might be related to this issue ?

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Hi Jeff,

The only update I make is the date ( at the top of the page right bellow the logo ) and the 2 dishes bellow. No design changes were made. The restaurant has a fixed menu but everyday has 2 dishes of the day. What I found is we don´t have any issues with the 2 dishes of the day. Sometimes it tooks a while but it updates. The most complicated is the text component ( Sugestões do dia + date )… Spoke with a customer while ago and it has the date from June 21th !

In my opinion pro apps must update in a fly. But I recognize it must be a cache issue. Having said that how can we solve this?


@Joao_Vares_Coelho I would contact support if you don’t get any response from the glide team here

Sorry about those issues. We’ll look into it.

Maybe you´re right. But in my opinion a pro app should not experience thsi kind of issue.

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Thanks krivo. This can be a cache issue or not. In my understanding and sice I have a pro app I should not experience this issue.

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Thanks Mark. Looking forward to your reply.

I guess what I was asking is…how do you update the date. Do you open the glide editor to change it, or is the value pulling from a column? I think the reason design type changes take longer to update is because the app needs to download the changes and restart, unlike moving data only back and forth. I see it like updating an app store app where the app needs to shut down and restart when applying changes. I think a lot of those design and interface parts of the app are cached. Yes, it probably should update within an hour, but I believe instant changes would cause app restarts all the time while you are working on it.

That’s why I wanted more clarification on HOW you are updating the date and the dishes. If you control it dynamically through the sheet or an admin section in the app, then it should instantly change on every instance of the app. If you are going into the editor to update the app, then I can see where you are having the issue.

A pro app doesn’t have this issue - my experience shared is for free Apps.

The date is updated in Glide, but Glide apps should reload automatically within a few minutes after being changed. Apparently that’s not happening here.

@Joao_Vares_Coelho Could you leave the app that doesn’t update on your phone open for a minute or so and check whether it updates eventually?

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There is also a persistent issue in Pro Apps where the user must sign in not once, but TWICE, to get all updates, even if those updates were made hours and days ago. I have found this through extensive testing with multiple users. This is a huge issue that needs to be fixed please. Given how much we rely upon conditional visibility, if a mistake is made, this further extends such issue well beyond the fix.

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Jeff, the dishes of the day are updated from the google sheet. The date I open the Glide editor and change the date in the text component…

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I will do that Mark

Got it. Sounds like there is still an issue for Mark to fix. But I still think it would be better to build the date text in the sheet either by typing it, or using a formula with Today(), so it automatically updates each day. That way you wouldn’t have to go into the builder every day, just to make a small change…plus it would update instantly, like the inline list.

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It seems this works. Thanks

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