Apps downloaded to Homescreens do not update

Is there a delay for apps downloaded to the homescreen to update after making UI changes, or do you have to manually delete and re-install in order to update the app?

For UI changes, I usually have to force close and reopen the app on my Android to get the updated UI. No need to uninstall/reinstall. I’m sure the changes migrate eventually, but force closing (swiping away) usually works for me to see the changes right away.

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Thanks, Jeff. When I force close on iPhone, it doesn’t refresh. Any other iPhone users have this issue?

I don’t have an IOS to test, but have you had any luck if you restart the phone?

Any update on this issue?

I’m an iPhone user. When I force close, app refreshes on my phone. Are using iPhone 6 or beyond? For some weird reason I find glide apps work best on 7 onwards. Tx.

I had the same issue on iPhone 11 Pro and force closing the app didn’t refresh the app. I had to delete it and reload it. I then did a change of the tabs at the bottom and again, these didn’t appear on the phone, even after force closing the app… This is a bit worrying as I wouldn’t want my users to have to do that each time. Has this been investigated further?

Update: I just saw the app refreshing and updating in front of my eyes so it seems that the answer is that there is a lag time of about 3 to 4 minutes. Is that the expected delay?

Does anyone have any update to this? I have the icon stored on my phone but when working on it, it doesn’t update. I have the pro version and have it set to update with changes, but i still have to quit the app to see changes and even then sometimes there is a delay.

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@Angelia_Baxter might be related

I’ve seen a minor delay too sometimes, even after restarting the app, but I assume it’s a minor sync issue. To me though, it’s normal to have to force close and reopen the app. Data will flow back and forth freely, but design changes are only updated when the app is closed and reopened.

Can you click “share” after making changes next time, and then force close and sign in 2x and see if all of your changes are there? This is on a list of things I wanted to ask Glide team about - I have found that 2 new sign-ins are the only way to see all changes. I test on iphone 11 pro.

Hey Deena, I will do that today. Sorry for the delay I had pulled an all nighter that day and apparently crashed before finishing my responses. Back at it today.