Glide App Not Updating on Phone

Right before the end of the last billing cycle I noticed the changes I was making on my Glide app in the browser was not updating to reflect the changes on my iphone, once the billing cycle reset then it updated the app on my phone with the new changes.

Now the changes that I make in the browser are not updating to my phone…

I’ve tried:

-Resyncing with the connected google sheets
-Clearing Safari Website data, cookies, cache on iPhone settings,
-Deleting the bookmarked app from my home screen
-Restarting phone
-Reloading the web page and adding to the home screen
-Re-logging in

When I log back in after trying all these methods it shows the changes on the initial home screen page, then it automatically reverts back to the old version of the App.

How can I fix it so the changes I make in my app will show up on my app on my device?

For reference I’m on an iPhone 15 Pro Max 17.3.1

New updated look on Browser:

Old version it keeps showing on my phone:

Thank you for your help!

You’re showing a screenshot from your builder environment. Have you actually published the change if you’re using publishing control?

You can try accessing your app in your browser to see if you see the same thing as your mobile version.

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Yes Publishing has been kept on, and in my browser it’s showing the correct changes!

The issue seems to be someone on my phone, but even when I remove cookies, delete the bookmark and restart phone and I log back in it shows the changed start screen then it glitches back to the old version of the app!

What would you recommend I try ?

Finally got the fix! What I did was delete the bookmark Home screen app, clear cookies cache etc., restart phone, then login on safari, then add to home screen, then login again and it updated!