Refreshing GLIDE app screens


I am wondering if it is possible to pull down on the screen to refresh a page in an active app, like we do with other applications on the phone. Is there a way to refresh without having to log out and log back in to the app?

There is no option to pull down refresh, but if everything is working correctly, there shouldn’t be a need to. As soon as the glide server has new or updated data, it’s sent out to all users and they should see the updates.

Okay… that hasn’t happened for my apps… I actually have an instruction to log out and log back in after they sign in with their personal info… the visibility conditions don’t seem to
always update immediately… interesting…

Thank you!

Hehe, I will stress the “if everything is working correctly” part of my comment. Could very well be a bug. What kind of visibility conditions do you have that aren’t working? I assume they are based on a new user profile row that’s created when a new user signs in?

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Yes… like when they log in for the first time. But when I was having someone test it for me as I changed things I would tell them I had made a change and they would say they couldn’t see it. I would tell them to log out and log back in and they could see it.

I paused for a moment to check again. I changed “and” to “&” in a text component on a screen in one of my apps to see if it automatically changed. I have waited about 5 minutes and the “and” is still there, even if I switch between tabs and continue moving around the app. After signing out and signing back in, I see the “&”.

I am adding that for this app, the initial log in worked fine, however, for a different one it did not consistently.

Ahh, Ok. Changes to data are instantly synced, but design and interface changes usually take longer to propagate because the code for the interface and functionality is cached on the user’s device. I’ve heard that it usually syncs in less than 10 minutes, but in my experience, I usually just force close and reopen the app one or two times. I usually don’t have to completely sign out. Just force closing and reopening works fine. What happens is when you reopen the app, it redownloads the interface and caches it.


Oh, wow… thank you for that information. I appreciate it!

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I asked for this years ago…here’s a feature request you can vote on:


:raised_hands:t5:YES! I will DEFINITELY go vote on it. It is a bit strange to be able to refresh on most other apps and not be able to on my GLIDE apps.

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