Refresh app

Is there any way to make user refresh an app, manually or even in a custom action ?
Most of my apps do not refresh even if set correctly, certainly due to distance.

As in refresh the data? I’ve seen some hacky things by using a “refresh button” to increment a user profile column by 1 or by writing a new timestamp.

Yes … that should work … the best would be a “pull to refresh” but Glide team would have to implement actions when scrolling.

Right. I asked for this years ago. Here’s another use who requested.


Maybe they have to manage the refresh calls and they have limits that should not be exceeded so as not to jeopardize the classification of the different plans. If they implement this, they don’t know how many times this feature will be used and maybe the calls to the server will be multiplied by 10 or even by 100. That’s an opinion.

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