How often APP refreshes itself

I have a use case where I want button to appear only at certain time, say 2pm on a particular day. I expect that if the person opens the APP after the scheduled time, then the button would appear as expected due to refresh of the APP.
However, if the person has the APP running in the background before the “button appear time”, then this button may not appear as latest content may not fetched.

So my question is “how often does the APP refresh itself while it is in operation”

Thank you.

If you’re using a time-related visibility then I think Glide’s math columns would do it (use the now value).

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Calculated columns are calculated on the device, so it should be real time.


I have the same question (though a different use case) and would love to learn more about the refresh frequency. In my case (Glide Pro app), I have an Google app script that writes to a column onChange, which unlocks the next screen a user can see. I’ve put a 5-second login animation in between the 2 screens (the trigger and the result) but user often gets stuck on the loading until i refresh the app from glide editor.

Is this solely because you need the animation to happen?

no the animation is something that entertains them while they wait for glide and sheet to sync

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So what specific value you are using that needs a script, may I ask? We may help you with a custom action.

Sure. Check out the current experience here:

I’ll add some context about my use case in another reply in a moment

My Google Sheets has these sheets:

  • Users
  • Children
  • Conversations
  • Words

Within the Words sheet, i have a list of topics and conversation starters for them, for different age groups.

When a parent adds a new child, i use the child’s age and info to create a new row in Conversations and populate it with the right topic and conversation starters from Conversations sheet. I also add the topic to a column in Children to mark this process as done.

For this, I’m using an onChange trigger on app script where for each empty cell in topic column in Children, it’ll go and find the right topic for the kid and add a row to the Conversations sheet, which will also populate that Today screen on the app

According to the logs on app script, this takes 1-2sec

Can this process be automatically done inside Glide using a combination of set column + add row?

the part that is a bit confusing to me in that is this:

i think i’d need a relation column with 2 filters instead of one (e.g. finding a row from Words sheet in which age_group and day equal age_group and day in Children sheet). that way i’ll know the word of the day for each child, and i can use that to add a new row in Conversations sheet and populate it with the right info

Sounds a bit tricky, scripts are amazing but as you have seen it delays the process a bit, that’s why we intend to use methods inside the Editor first.

Your script is still working correctly I take it, just the delay that makes the UX bad?

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Your script is still working correctly I take it, just the delay that makes the UX bad?

Yes. Shared the app with a few more people and seems like they’re not facing the delay issue. Let me do a little instagram ad and increase traffic to it a little bit tonight (we havent really launched yet) and see whether it’s something a lot of the users face (chance are the delay wont be too bad), and if it is, i’ll see whether they’re willing to put up with it while i reimplement it in a smoother way :smiley:

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