Always open app on home tab?

G’day all,

Newbie question, so apologies if it’s been answered before, but have searched and searched without finding the answer…

I’d like my app to always open on the home tab, is there a way to do this? Currently if I close the app and reopen it brings up whatever tab/component I was on when I last used it.



This behavior is “normal”, not due to Glide but to Android os. When you exit an app using the device keys, it remains in cache for some time. So if you launch the app again, the system puts it back to the screen.

If you close the app, kill all apps running in background, then your app will start as expected (home page first).

Thanks for the help Christophe, but not sure if that’s the issue. I’m viewing the app on iPhone, not android and it still picks up from wherever I left off.

But what I’m after is for my users to be directed to the home tab when they first open the app. That’s where they’ll be able to register for the upcoming workshops.

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I really think the issue is about app caching by the device is. Not sure if there’s a way to automatically redirect your users to the home tab, nevertheless as a quick workaround you can add a button somewhere in your screen(s), at the top or the bottom, with a label such as “back to home” or “registration” and set this button with the action “link to sheet” (selecting the home sheet). This is a manual, but it will work.

No worries, thanks, appreciate your advice. Unfortunately that means a lot of users might miss my main offer, so Glide may not work for me unless I can find a workaround… :frowning:

I understand, nevertheless you will have this problem with any other app or framework.

When you launch your Glide app, if it has not been cached by the device os, it will start by displaying first the splash screen (with your app icon) and then will open the main tab.

In your case, if you exit the app and open it again and don’t have the splash screen, it means your app has been cached, so has not been really closed by your device os. You should have a look on your device settings, and ensure apps are closed when exiting, and not remain active for some time…

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Thanks again Christoph, much appreciated.

Hi, has someone figured out how Glide chooses which tab to open first when logging in to the app? Is there some logic behind this?

@Christophe_HK mentioned that when launching the Glide app it will open the “main tab”. How does Glide know what the “main tab” is?

If I understand correctly :

The difference between my question and that of @doclures is that my question is about which tab shows when launching the app, logging in or reopening the app, while the question of @doclures is about which tab is shown when opening the app, when the app is already open and running in the background of your smartphone.


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Isn’t it the first tab (from top down to bottom) that has a matching visibility condition?


@ThinhDinh I read this and wanted it to be true.

But see below.

For new app opens, the default tab is always Users. I’d like it to be Home.

Any suggestions? As an aside, I will vote for the feature request that allows us to select an explicit opening tab.

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Do you have visibility conditions on any of those other tabs?

Yes. But none would preclude the Home tab from being visible to the current user (Malcolm, in the screenshot).

The only condition on the Home tab is that user email is not empty.

I’d check those very carefully. I’ve never seen this not work as @ThinhDinh described.

I expanded my answer above. The only visibility condition is email is not empty. And if I inspect the data, email is def not empty, as you would expect when I have a signed-in user selected.

What happens if you remove that visibility condition?

You might be better with email is signed-in user

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Your screenshots show the builder. Are you experiencing this in the live app?


Thanks @Jeff_Hager. Works as desired/expected on my phone.

@Darren_Murphy will adjust the visibility condition and good idea re testing it. Thanks.


I just ran across this on an app I’m working on. I had a visibility condition attached to every tab except one, and the builder was defaulting to that page without a condition. The app still defaulted to the highest appropriate one on the list.

I added a visibility condition (welcome screen completed) to the one page without a condition and the builder defaulted to the first one on the list that is appropriate given the visibility conditions.

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