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Good morning!
This is my first time posting to this forum.
I created an app for our career center in the high school where I work. Following Rob Petitto’s YouTube instructions, I created a Home page by using icons that have custom actions linking them to menu items.

The issue I’m having is that the app opens to the Clubs menu item instead of the Home tab. How do I fix that?
Thank you!

The app should never open to a side menu tab when it’s opened initially. It should only ever open to the first regular tab. Are you using a deep link to the clubs tab instead of the root url? Do you have a link you can share, or maybe screenshots or a video of the issue?

Hi Jeff!
Here is a screencast.
Here is a link to the app itself.

Appreciate your help.

After you click on the home tab in the builder, can you check the Options tab in the right hand panel and see if you have any visibility conditions on the Home tab itself? Seems like you may have some sort of visibility conditions on both the Home tab and the All Users tab that is preventing the bottom tabs from showing if you are not the signed in user.

I restricted All Users to only specific users but Home doesn’t have any.

Hmm. I can’t see anything that would be set up incorrectly. It does seem weird that even the builder opens to that Clubs tab by default.

I’m trying to find the other thread, but I do recall an issue awhile back with pages, where something would get corrupted with the default tab, and would display the wrong tab when opening the page. I don’t recall if Glide ever addressed that issue in pages. It was hard to reproduce, but I recall reproducing it at some point. Since Apps now run on the same code as Pages, I’m guessing this bug now exists in Apps as well.

I would suggest submitting this as a bug to Glide.

If I find that other thread, I’ll post it here.

Thanks so much for putting in the time. I’m also happy to know that it’s not me!

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