App opened up on wrong page

Hey there…so my app is complete. I got someone to test it. I sent them the shared link and when they logged in, it took them to the “About” page. They sent me a screenshot, and true enough it was on the “About”. I told them to hit the “X” and it should reroute them to the Profile tab. Do we have any control over that part of how the app opens once registered?

Are you using tab visibility on your other tabs?
Sounds like the About tab might be the only visible tab, so that’s what they get.

There isn’t a tab visibility on the “Profile” tab, but I do have visibility options on other tabs that allow them to see it once they fully register.

That’s most likely your problem then. The user profile screen isn’t really a “tab”, and so I don’t think an App will ever open on it.

What you will need to do is create another tab to use as an onboarding tab. Use your user profiles table as the source, and filter it by signed in user (assuming you don’t have row owners). And then set the visibility condition on that tab to be the opposite of all your other tabs.

That should do the trick for you.

Sounds good!!! Great Solution!!! Thanks Darren :partying_face:

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