Tabs visibility - hidden tab appears for a moment

My app’s URL:


Once onboarding is finished, the onboarding tab is hidden using the tabs visibility feature.
However, when users enter the app, the onboarding tab appears for a split of second before the proper page loads (both android and iPhones). Movie below.


What is your current visibility settings for those? Can you try reinstalling the app to see if it still occurs?

Same “issue” though not sure it’s an issue. Just seems like the app is loading and checking who is logging in to determine what to hide/show. It would be great if this didn’t happen, but in every app I’ve made that uses an “onboarding” tab, this happens.

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Happens also after reinstalling…

Seems like the case is what @shchc described above. I did try that myself in the editor and there’s a bit of a lag as well.

This should not happen anymore. If it still does, please report.