Set initial tab for app opening

I’ve been trying to create a Welcome page that only displays on app opening, but nothing has been great.

What if you could pick the tab to use as the first/initial view when an app is opened (currently it defaults to the first tab). Going further, what if you could select a Hidden tab to be the initial view? Then you could set up the hidden tab as the Welcome page and then it would be hidden whenever the user navigates away from it (because you’d only need to see it on app opening).


I’ve been wanting a “Welcome” page also. Have you found a solution?

Not really, but I do have my first tab as a filtered tab based on the logged in user. This allows me to show more relevant content to the specific user, along with some of the same data for every user (like logo, etc.). It’s not really a “Welcome page” anymore, but I ended up going in a different direction with it and it’s working well for me.

FYI - @shchc = @Kyle_Heney

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