Ability to set default tab

Currently, glide takes the first tab in the list and assumes it’s the “landing tab”.
It will be good if we can add a field as “make default” so if I have multiple tabs defined, user gets to select which one to show as the default landing tab.



Hi everyone,

I would be interested too…Is there any way to set a default tab when opening the app?


There’s no workaround at the moment but you can only have 1 tab and direct users to different screens by using the “Link to screen” fucntionality.

Great request to add in https://features.staging.glideapp.io/ if there’s no one requested yet!

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I think if you configured your tab filter you will face this and in order to have it as the default tab you need to remove the filters, thats my resolution to the situation to bring it as the first tab

I’m waiting for this to be adressed :slight_smile:

+1, It would be awesome to set default tabs based on certain conditions in some tables (say, one of the tabs is a personal info tab, and the other tab is the shopping tab. It’d be great to default to personal info tab at first, and default to the shopping tab if the personal info was already present :slight_smile: )

PS: Loving Glide!!!

For this specific use case, it’s possible with tab visibility conditions.

For example, let’s say you need your users to add at least a name and profile pic before they see the “Shopping” tab, then you can do something like:

  • Create an if-then-else column in your User Profiles table (let’s call it Profile Complete)
    – If Name is empty, then null (leave empty)
    – If Image is empty, then null
    – Else true
  • Now you can add a visibility setting to your Shopping tab, so that it’s only visible when the User Profile->Profile Complete column is checked.