Tab Visibility Issue

Hi - this WAS an issue that I was able to finally solve.
Sharing it here with the hope to change the behavior so it doesn’t affect others.

Context: my app has several tabs. When the user registers for the first time, he sees only a single tab called “Setup” that takes him through a setup process. Only once the user has completed the setup process, he will see the rest of the tabs. This achieved via conditional visibility.

It was all working perfectly.

Issue: I added a tab under the hamburger menu. Then new users who register for the first time, can’t see the single Setup tab. They see the content of the first tab in the hamburger menu.
I’ve rebuilt the conditional visibility and it didn’t solve it.

Source of issue:
Once you have 1 tab under the hamburger menu and 1 tab in the bottom navigation pane, the app defaults to show the tab under the hamburger menu. As a result, it’s impossible to navigate to the Setup tab because there is no bottom navigation pane if you have only 1 tab in that pane.

I think it needs to change so the default will be the tab in the navigation pane. This issue took me about 24 hours to figure out.


I have had the same issue with my latest project, as such I had to add an extra tab at the bottom for now.

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