Tab Visibility Altered


I am viewing my app as someone who should be viewing three tabs at the bottom of their screen, but only one is showing at a time.

This was working before, now I have to click on the side panel to see the other tabs. I just want to make sure these users are not seeing one tab, but all three.


Is the display button (eye icon) checked and hidden?

Or is the tab that is not displayed currently placed in “MENU”?
In that case, drag it to the “TABS” space.


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You can see here…the tabs are listed on the side panel, but I do not see them on the bottom of the screen. I am viewing the app as a user who should be seeing three tabs at the bottom of their screen.


Is that so? That’s strange.

★ Isn’t the bottom tab displayed on all tabs?
★ Are you using CSS that hides the screen?

Jen - what happens if you reload your browser page?

Same thing, I reloaded the browser, closed the tab, went to dashboard, and back in. Tabs do not show up.

I don’t have any css like that set up.

What do you mean by this?

Are the bottom tabs hidden in all three tabs?

If you can make the app copyable, I can investigate the cause in detail.

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Okay, then I would be checking all the tab visibility settings very carefully.
Perhaps try removing all visibility settings, and then add them back one by one, checking as you go.


Ah, figured it out! I had to manually add the email address to the user profile sheet, so the app sees them as a ‘signed in user’ simply adding it to the ‘viewed as’ text box doesn’t work. Thanks!


Figured it out. Thanks!

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