Is there a limit on the number of tabs I can have for my app?

I have created an app for an event and have created 7 tabs of content. When I view the app on my PC all seven tabs show up. But when I view the app on my phone only six of the tabs show up. And they tab that is missing is not the last tab. Thoughts?

Hey Allison!

Can you share the app’s link? Or a screenshot?

Thank you!

I see 6 tabs on my iPhone

WhatsApp Image 2022-10-12 at 8.24.45 PM

Sorry - had my numbers wrong. There is one more that is called vote. It shows up when I access the app online - but not on my phone

I see only 6 tabs in desktop view.

Does the missing tab have any visibility conditions?

Weird. There are no conditions set that I can see

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And here’s a screen shot of my web view

You do have a visibility condition:

I just edited my profile and added a First Name, and now the missing tab is there :wink:

Very strange since my name is in my profile.

Are you positive that you were signed in as the same user in both cases?

That was it - thank you SOOO much. I removed the condition and it’s showing up now! Everything looks fantastic. Have a great day