All tabs not showing in Android

So, I have an app with five tabs - which (in iOS) has five tabs:

in Android, it has three… :thinking:

If I cut the number of tabs down to four (which display fine in iOS), the tabs in Android…

…reduce to two: :astonished:

The iOS device is an iPhone SE 2020 - so not super-high-resolution - and the Android(s) are a combination of Moto G9 Power (so quite new with a larger screen than the iPhone) and older Samsungs, but they are consistentin their reluctance to display the full number of tabs…

The tabs are as follows:
Tab 1: Details screen for a custom home screen
Tab 2: Details screen for a custom screen
Tab 3: Details screen for a custom screen
Tab 4: Details screen for a custom screen
Tab 5: List screen

I’m… stumped. Any insight welcomed :pray:

Are you using different accounts to sign into the app on each device?

Do you have any visibility conditions on your tabs?

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Bizarrely - since I’d never touched them and had no visibility conditions attached to any of their content, there was a visibility condition on those tabs, which had been duplciated from other tabs which were still visibie.

Who knows, but it’s all good now - thank you @Jeff_Hager :+1: :pray:

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