Tabs are not shown

Hey everyone!

I have a problem with one of my clients. We have 3-4 tabs at the bottom of our app. I can see them all from all my devices. But the client can only see one of them on his iPhone, he doesn’t see the bottom bar at all.

I don’t have any visibility conditions on the other tabs.

Maybe I missed something or maybe it’s a bug. You can see it on the attached video.

I had css code that was hiding the header of one tab, but I have deleted it now and the bottom bar still not shows. So, I think the problem is not related to the code.

Do you have any ideas? :joy:

What browser is your client using? If they are opening the app within an embedded browser (e.g. their email app, or a social networking app), it may be cut off by extra bottom navigation.

A screenshot would help enormously.

Hey David!

Seems that it’s google chrome, here is a screenshot

Here is support link: Glide · Create Apps from Google Sheets

The tab “Schools” should be shown in all cases, it doesn’t have any conditions. But it is not shown