How do you control which tab the app lands on when you open it?

I thought it was left to right which is how it was working, but now that I added some conditional visibility to certain tabs, it lands on the middle of 5 tabs located in the bottom menu. I have conditional visibility for the 1st & 2nd tabs (from the left) which is why it lands on the 3rd tab as it has no conditional visibility, HOWEVER, if those conditions don’t apply to a user, then I still want the first (HOME tab), to be where they land. It would be nice to be able to SET the home tab somewhere but I haven’t found a setting for it. Thoughts?

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HI Deena,

The first tab to the left of your app is the so called HOME tab. It cannot be meddled with as things stand. Any page you want to set as the landing tab, will have to be where your home tab sits.

When you set “home tab” visibility conditional on event x occurring, Glide hides it. If the space had been left empty any one with a bit of salt would be able to work out something was missing or that the app wasn’t up to mark. As a necessary consequence, the tab sitting next to it is programmed to substitute it. When this happens, your home tab loses its home STATUS. Because Glide is not a very powerful machine capable of reading and executing complex algorithms (don’t forget its only a google sheet), the tab that replaces the Home tab BECOMES the home tab.

You can make it a feature request. Until then, I am afraid, u are out of options.

Thank you
Have a good day


Great, that’s what I thought - that setting conditions changes its priority but as a newer user still learning, I wanted to check! Thank you!

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We are here to help each other out. If I can be of any further assistance, pls don’t hesitate to zap me. I am currently working on a massive project for this community. I’ll be back soon. :blush:

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