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Hello all,
From what i understand and have seen online, the first tab will be the initial tab when the app is opened. If I want a tab from menu to be the first tab is there any work around? I also do not understand how I actually set the sign up page. Does it just work automatically?
Thanks in advance

If all of your tabs are in the side menu, then I suppose the first one there would be the first one to open. Other than than, it’s always the first tab in the main group unless you are navigating directly to a specific url for the the tab.

What are you trying to set up on the sign in screen?

Well it is literally i am trying to just set up a sign in page but when i have published it, it doesnt show me a sign in page. Do I have to set it up or does it do it manually but i suspect it may be because the account it already signed in.

You won’t really see a sign in page in the builder unless you are configuring the design of the sign in screen through Settings. If you want to enable sign in, then you need to set your Privacy settings accordingly.

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Is the point of your question about signing up?

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Thank you, i didn’t realize the privacy determined whether people can sign up, but after the sign up page does it just automatically go to the first tab then?

Yes. If you have sign in required, a user will see the sign in screen first and then be taken to the first tab once they have signed in. If they stay signed in, then the next time they open the app, they will already be authorized and taken to the first tab.


Thank you for your help, I understand now.

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