App keeps starting on user page...? how do I change this

I’ve already created another post on this, but so far I’ve gotten no answers, and this seems like a basic question which should have an answer. I really hope someone can help!!

Whenever a user signs up to my app they start on the ‘profile’ page…? This is NOT where I want them to start and there seems to be no way for me to change this. No matter what I do they start here… I the profile page as the LAST tab… and the weirdest is that if I sign up on desktop then they start in my onboarding as they should, but if they sign up via mobile they start on the user profile…

To add more issues, the bottom to ‘continue’ doesn’t show up on mobile… So my app is basically in a completely dead loop that I’ve now spent hours trying to fix but there’s just no solution!

Can you print screen what your tabs look like? And check if you have any visibility conditions on your tabs (any of them) under “options”