iOS Refresh

Hi all

I’ve noticed that when I exit and re-open my app on Android it reloads the splash screen, which refreshes the app. This is good because any changes I’ve made will be there.

On iOS devices the app just opens straight to the last screen that was open, with no re-load. Apple treats the app as a bookmark so it does not update any changes without restarting the device.

Is there a way to refresh on Apple devices so that the splash screen etc opens when the app is opened?



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Have been playing around and can force a refresh by going to Safari settings and clearing ‘History and Website Data’ on the iPad. I’ve noticed that if this is not done, the app will literally sit for days without showing any changes that have been made. Refreshing also seems to make the app function better overall.

Not really ideal though, having to do that all the time, especially when there are multiple users and many are not tech savvy. Is there a better method, or something I’m missing?