When you put a glideapp on your homescreen as a bookmark, is there an easy way to refresh the content without exiting out of the app and going back in?

When I use the browser refresh I see the most recent content/changes.

Are you saving as a bookmark or as an app to the homescreen? in either case @Rob_Kraft is correct. Design and Layout changes need a the app to be closed and reopened (or refresh if viewing in the browser). Only data changes should be syncing up automatically.

Thanks for the replies. Saving as an app to homescreen so there is no refresh button…was wondering if there was a way to add one. Otherwise you have to tell everyone using it that they have to exit out and re-enter every now and then?

They only have to exit and reenter if you are making design changes. Even then the design changes will eventually migrate to each user. As long as you aren’t continually making design and layout changes to the components in the app interface, you shouldn’t have a problem. Like I said, sheet data is always synced to the users automatically. The interface is only loaded once when the app starts, but data transfer is continuous.

It’s no different from an app store app, where you have to download updates for the app to get an updated interface. Not everybody updates their app at the same time but the apps can still communicate back to the server until they do.

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