Data refresh

Using the “pro” version, data are refreshed automatically and periodically. It happens that if users are on a particular page of the app, every time an automatic refresh occurs, pages switch to the home page. Users are thinking to a reset of the app. How to avoid this behavior (app remain on the same page that is displayed)? Thanks!

Do you happen to make changes in the Editor at the time the user’s app is refreshed?

Sorry for the delay, but we had a major problem: the Google Sheet of our app (in development) is still there (the app is working), but it is not possible to open it, both from Glide and Google Drive as well. Even some copies that were sync in Google drive are not accessible (a warning says “Impossible to open the file at this moment. Check the link and retry”). I really don’t understand how this happened! So I’m copying again all the modifications I did from the last working GS backup (only a few days ago, but a lot of changes…). Luckily, all the sheets in Glide are OK and I can copy (manually, unfortunately) the columns in the new sheet. I don’t think is possible to do it in another way, am I right? In the next version I will try to use as many “Glide Sheet only” as possible!!

Going back to your question: the refresh happens even if we are not working on the app. I tried by myself: I’m not working on the app and if I stay on a different page than the home page, the app changes the page automatically after a few minutes (going back to home).

Thanks for your feedback.


I think you can email your issue alongside your app support link to Let us know how it goes.