Icon vs. Loading screen

I recently changed my app icon to include a color background and uploaded it as a .jpg file I also changed the theme to different color, and the icon did change on the phone’s screen but when I click on the icon to open the app I’m getting the original icon and color screen for the loading screen.

-Cleared safari browsing data on iphone and laptop
-Deleted orginal app and reinstalled from the QR code
-Waited a couple hours to retry
-Shared with other users and got same results


iOS saves the launch screen when you first add the app to your home screen, then never updates them.

Hi David, is this behavior consist across Android platforms as well, and do you know if this bug will be fixed or are we stuck these results?

I don’t know what Apple’s plans are, they do not make them public.

Recent versions of Android will update your launch screens—it does not have this issue.

Great thanks for the speedy response, David!