App Logo/Icon

I made a copy of my pro app and I modified it so that the copy would be a stripped down version of the original. I changed the Icon/Logo for my copy but when it is downloaded to phones and added to the Home Screen ; the original Icon/Logo shows up. Online the new logo shows up but on the phone (IOS) the original logo shows up.
How do I fix this issue?
I’ve changed the logo within the app and on the google sheet.

I’ve re-branded an app before, and the only way I found to change the icon on the home screen was to uninstall the app and reinstall it on the device. Everything else worked (when I published the app, all the other changes were applied – just not the icon on the home screen.)


Because app icons are hard cached, the only reliable way to update them is the way @David_Gabler said above.

I’m not sure if we keep it like that without doing anything, would it migrate eventually, but if you need an instant solution then you can only re-install.

Instead of asking me to install the app. It asks me to add the bookmark to my homescreen. I’ve deleted the bookmark and added it again and the icon remains the same

The icon is most likely cached in your device browser. If you do the same thing but clear your browser cache before you reinstall, it should then pick up the new icon.