Change of App Icon


How long does it take when I change the app icon, for it also populate when I share the link? I changed it yesterday and it’s still showing the old icon.


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Hi @Jen_NYCP, when you change your app icon:

  • For apps already installed, the app icon will not change. You would need to re-install.
  • For apps still to be installed, the new icon should be used within seconds or minutes.

Changes to your app icon or splash screen often will not appear in existing apps unless the app is reinstalled. Android and iOS save your app’s icon and splash screen when you add the app to your home screen, and often will not refresh until the app is re-added.


Oh yes, I know this for the app install. I am referring to when I share the link in a message.

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That should only take a few minutes. Overall, regarding caching issues, I think glide needs to do better. I’m not sure how different Glide is from webflow, for example, in terms of how it functions once installed, but with webflow your icon changes within a few minutes. There have to be ways to overcome caching issues, which are often the reason that things are not updated. I still have a background screen image that flashes before the current image, and I changed it over a month ago.

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Hm, good question, no idea. Sorry I misunderstood your initial question.

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Hmm, haven’t had any issues with the icon when it loads so far, just the when sharing the link.

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I was referring to the issue where, once a person installs the app, the icon will not change if you change it. Is it still happening when you share the link? It should refresh fairly quickly in that case, in my experience.

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Ah I see! Yes, its still showing the old icon in social media messages, trying to problem solve.