App Icon Refresh

Hello. If the app icon is updated after a user adds the icon to their home screen, will the app icon eventually refresh on the user’s phone to show the new version? If so, what’s the typical timeframe? Thx

Hi, no the icon won’t refresh. It will need to be deleted from the home screen and re add. The new icon will then be displayed

Android is making a change so that the icon will actually update, but on iOS it gets set when you add the app to your home screen and it never changes.

I appreciate you letting me know. Thx

Great news to hear Android will be pushing an update that refreshes the icon. Odd that iOS wouldn’t do the same. Unless I’m missing something, if they were to treat the home screen icon similar to a website’s favicon then it would refresh as these normally do. :crossed_fingers: Here’s hoping Apple joins the party, otherwise anyone using Glide who wants to rebrand will have a constant pain point. :slight_smile: Thx

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For reasons we can’t explain, Apple is improving their support of PWAs at a steady pace. Fingers crossed indeed!

Hi David. Hope you are fine ? Do you know if Android has made the change so that the icon change is update on the user mobile ? I have just changed my icon and the app icon didn’t refresh on my android mobile ! :disappointed_relieved:…Thanks a lot. Daniel