Removal of row owner deleted many rows, how to undo?

I added one boolean column to one of my app’s sheets and I don’t know what happened (i made a column ‘row owner’) it ‘deactivated’ the entire sheet, it’s still there but it’s darkened out and the parts of the app that use it don’t work, are invisible.

Please help

Ok, an accidental click made a column with row owner but now many rows (seems like the ones that were false in the boolean I added) HAVE BEEN DELETED, how do i undo all the damn steps that have been done in the database so far??

Have you tried the back button in the lower left hand corner?

does it undo database changes too?

I can’t undo anything with that button atm, so, it’s not an option i suppose

in google sheets different cells are greyed out, Idk for what reason, and the rows that have been deleted in glide are the ones that were false in the boolean i added, except 2 (4 actually), or so it seems

You’re right, the back button is only available in the builder, not the data editor. Sorry about that.

Easy to say in hindsight, but it’s a good practice to duplicate your apps in the dashboard to have a backup. Also, when I make changes both in the data editor and in the builder and I know I might mess up, I usually at the very minimum duplicate the tab. I don’t know how to duplicate Glide tables, but I’ll practice on test columns first.

Thank you for trying, I closed the browser’s tab and reopened it and everything seems fine.

I’m trying to think to a failsafe, probably duplicating the app every now and then but Imake so many small changes that it would be too much, there should be some undo function, for now I know that google sheets has an history function, so in case I was ready to use that backup plan.

Thanks again

One thing I’ve noticed sometimes is that when you make changes to Row Owners (add/remove a row owner setting, for example), the web browser needs to be reloaded for everything to work properly and update.

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You may vote here. At least there is prevention of the worst things that can happen.

Here is some simple app script for backup with a timestamp from @Jeff_Hager.

Simple. Powerful. Effective


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