Removing Row Owners emptied out my Sheets in the Glide Editor

It happened as soon as I removed row owners from the email column of these two sheets. The Google sheets still have the data and it still displays in the app. No, it’s not a sync issue. I’ve signed in and out of the app and the editor and still same. This happened in both sheets where I removed row owners.

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I seem to remember seeing a pop-up when enabling Row Owners that it cannot be undone once it’s enabled. I guess it can, but it messes things up!

That’s not consistent with the options. It literally says “remove row owner” in the drop down and I did it yesterday with no problem…and just now in another sheet with no problem…

UPDATE: and now the data is back…but it took 15 minutes. That shouldn’t happen and doesn’t always happen @Daniel_Sweet or @Mark. Just a heads up.

Sometimes I realized it
And I try to reload my page. And it comes back

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Yep, I reloaded at least 5x but it still took 15 minutes and came back on its own…however, in other cases it doesn’t happen at all (meaning the data stays there and there wasn’t a lot of data in any of the cases)…

Yeah. That’s a bug because every time we remove it, it happens again

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We’ll fix this bug. Thank you for reporting.


Damn, I was in a panic until I read this thread and realized that my data was not inadvertently removed!

@Mark it’s still an open bug