Related records not able to view

I am a newbie.

I have two tables, 1. Contact List. 2. Call history
My objective is to update call details in call history and get previous calls history.
As I understood the structure of Glideapp, I have created link in Contact Table Name Vs Name in Call history table. I have checked Match multiple as there could be many calls made against a contact.
I have added link table component, it works fine if Match Multiple not clicked. When I click Match Multiple it says no relation in Contact List.

Relation can only display single matches. Use inline list for multiple.

Thanks for suggestion. I tried inline list, but it shows all records in Call history. I need to view call history based on the selection made from Contact List.

Choose the relation as the source of the in-line list. This means you’ve chosen the entire sheet.

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Oops !!! Thanks a lot for timely support.