Public with email pin not working, Apple or all?

Hi, l seem to be struggling with a frozen screen on an iPhone when a new user wants to install my app.

The sign in process works ok to email a pin, but the enter pin box appears to be locked. Not sure if this is an iPhone, all phone, or app issue.

Anybody else struggling?

Can you give me your app link so I can test?

Iā€™m relatively new here, does this reply to one or all. I need to restrict access as it could cause issues if multiple people access the app

If you have concern about restricting access you can private message me the link.

Done, I would appreciate your viee

Accessed it normally with both iPhone and Macbook here, can you try reinstalling the app?

Hi, I reinstalled and good to go. Thank you my friend for your rapid response and great help.

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