Pin Number Being Requested for White Listed email

My app’s URL:

I would appreciate any help here – I am brand new to glide (awesome stuff by the way)

  1. I created a pro account
  2. I originally created the sign-in setting as public with email
  3. The pin number was not coming through … so I switched to Whitelist
  4. When I attempt to open the app on my iPhine, I am still being prompted for a pin.
  5. I have deleted the app off my iphone and cleared history from the safari browser – pin still being requested
  6. Would greatly appreciate guidance on how to resolve

That’s how it’s supposed to work…especially with a whitelisted app (which is added security). You wouldn’t want anybody who happened to know one of the whitelisted emails to be able to sign in without any sort of verification that they were the owner of that email, would you? If you aren’t getting a pin, I would check your spam folder.

Thank you for the clarification. The added security feature makes total sense to me. I have been testing this with a hotmail account – and I still do not recieve an email with the pin code. I switched to a gmail account and it worked instantly. I have no idea what the issue is with the domain – just passing along my ‘testing experience’ in case others encounter this anomoly as well

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