Protected Columns Impacting Multiple Apps that Utilize Same Airtable Table

I have 2 apps that reference the same tables in Airtable. The users and functionality of the two apps is quite different, however, the data references are the same.

When I mark columns protected in one app, it’s automatically marking them as protected in the other app as well (something that I do not want to happen). Is this the intended functionaltiy? Is there any way to stop this? I don’t see this referenced in the Protected Columns docs.

My goal: two apps referencing the same Airtable table can have different Protected Columns.

Note: I am able to set Row Owners differently between the two apps.

Thank you!

Is this intended @NoCodeAndy ? Sounds like a bug to me.

I’m still seeing this behavior. @NoCodeAndy can you confirm if this is intentional behavior or a bug?

This thread has been escalated. Support will follow up via the Messenger in the Builder or through email.

Response from Glide team:

I heard back from engineering and this is actually the expected behavior with Airtable data sources. Each table in an Airtable database is synced once per team, whereas other data sources (like Google Sheets) are synced per app.


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