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Hi guys,

I have a base in Airtable that is used in a Glide app. Now, the way Glide works with Airtable is by synchronizing all the tables that are in that base, but in one table, I have data that will not be used inside the app and I want it to be private and not be accessible in any way, even to people that can hack the downloaded database . So, can you please tell me if Glide downloads all the tables to the user’s device or only the tables that are used in order for me to know what approach to take with that particular table ?

Thank you.

For regular Glide Tables (ie. not Big Tables), the client will download any and all rows in any and all tables that are referenced anywhere in your App, and not protected by Row Owners.

If there are specific columns of data that you want to keep private/secure, then Protected Columns may be an option. This feature was originally targeted at Google Sheets, so I’m not sure if it will work with Airtable. But I suspect it probably will.


@Darren_Murphy Thanks for the feedback. So, from what I understand, if a table is not referenced inside the app, that table won’t be downloaded ?

Yes, that’s correct.

To be 100% certain that a table isn’t referenced, I would recommend checking every column in the table one by one with Find all uses.


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