Does user can accessed to column A some way if column A don't used in the Pages?

My Page is public without user table configured.
My table have two basic column A and column B
I don’t use at no any calculation or interface the content of column A, but use column B.
Does the data of column A will be downloaded to user device?
Does user can accessed to column A some way if column A don’t used in the Pages?
How i can prevent access to column A for public Pages?

Yes, if the table is used in any way in your app, all column data will be downloaded as well. If you don’t want column A to be accessible, then you can mark the column as protected.

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Thanks, Jeff_Hager!
I had think about protected column , but can’t find in my table

Ok. Thanks. It must be on a paid plan!

No, it’s not a paid feature. It appears that you are maybe using a glide table. Protected columns are available for google sheets and possibly airtable and excel as well. It probably makes sense to offer protected columns as an option with external data sources. In most cases, if you have a column in a glide table, you intended to have it there, so there is no reason to protect it…but I can see cases where you are sharing a table across multiple apps, and may need to protect certain columns that are needed in one app, but not another. This may need to be a feature request.


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