What Data (Glide Tables) is actually downloaded?

I am aware that data is downloaded to the users device and know how to secure the data with Row Owners etc…

I am just curious to know what Data is actually downloaded, let’s use a Public Product Portal (using Glide Tables) as an example:

There are 3 tables:

-Product Table with 20 columns and 5 Lookups from the

-Helper Table

-Enquiry Table filled in by the User using a Contact Form on the Product Detail Page.

So what is downloaded:

-The complete database?

-Or only the complete Product Table?

-Or only fields from the Product Table used in an Collection e.g. the Table has 20 Columns and 5 Lookups but only 10 columns are used plus the 5 Lookups.


-What if the Product Table contains 100 Product of which 50 are Offline, will these also be downloaded?

-What happens to the data on the Users device, will that be deleted automatically when he closes the app?

PS It seems that I posted the Topic in the wrong place, therefore this might be a duplication.

The other topic has replies, so closing this one.